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Shuttle Service to Pilanesberg Game Reserve

Making use of a shuttle service when you want to travel from Johannesburg to Pilanesberg is a very popular and cost-effective option. Shuttle services travel to and from various points and carry multiples passengers, making your journey safe and doing so also allows one to save money.

Whether you are looking for a shuttle to Pilanesberg which will fetch you directly from your home, or an airport shuttle to Pilanesberg Game Reserve, there are many options to choose from which are safe and easy on the pocket. Passengers can be collected from the office, home or any other place that best fits their schedule and transported safely and timeously via a shuttle to Pilanesberg. If you catch an airport shuttle to Pilanesberg Game Reserve, most shuttle service operators will get a driver to meet you at the airport with a display board showing your name or company name.Pilanesberg map

Pilanesberg Game Reserve is located in the North West Province of South Africa, some 150 kilometres north west of Johannesburg and 60 kilometres north of Rustenburg. If you want to catch a shuttle to Pilanesberg, you need to make sure that you book in advance. Most shuttle services allow you to book online or by phone. When booking online, all you need to do is look for the option on the Shuttle services website and simply enter your details and time you need to be picked up. You are also usually able to pay online. There are usually many people looking to book a shuttle so by booking in advance you are ensuring that there is space for you on the shuttle.


When you catch a shuttle to Pilanesberg or a shuttle to Pilanesberg Game Reserve, it makes life a lot easier as it takes away the hassle of parking or hiring a car if you are catching a shuttle from the airport. Shuttle services are also usually very efficient and there is ample room for you to store your luggage, provided that the amount is not excessive.

Shuttle Services to Pilanesberg are available at competitive rates, and once you arrive at Pilanesberg, you can enjoy the beauty of our country without having to worry about travelling hassles.


Find out more about shuttles to Pilanesberg by looking on this website at the various shuttles available or

For our low rates to the Pilanesberg Game Reserve please use our online pricing calculator and choose the “Tours” option.